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What is AdBreaker?

AdBreaker is a Windows App that splits home-recorded TV programmes into two parts. One part contains all of the programme material, while the other part contains the Advertising, Part Captions, Sponsored By messages, Promotions and Station Identifiers.

So now you can watch that film without Ad Breaks, better order your pizza and prosecco before you start.

AdBreaker watches for new recordings and automatically processes them as they finish, taking about five minutes to process a feature-length film in HD.

While processing, AdBreaker preserves the quality of the original recordings and joins the parts accurately and without disruption to sound or pictures.

AdBreaker remembers exactly what it did, and can restore the original if desired.


System Requirements

Operating System: 64 bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 or 11.

Input Files: Recordings from UK Broadcasters in the form of TS, M2TS or REC files produced by TV recorders.

Encryption: Input files must be unencrypted, or previously decrypted. See About Encryption below.

Output Files: Standard TS files that can be played by most players, including the device that recorded them.


Free Trial and Latest Version

The free trial is a fully featured version of AdBreaker with a licence which is limited to one month's duration, or ten recordings, whichever occurs sooner. When the free trial expires, AdBreaker will automatically request payment by opening your browser at the payment page. You can pay with PayPal or by Credit Card.

When you pay, activation is automatic and immediate.

If you already have a licence, this download will upgrade you to the latest version, free of charge.


Contact Us

For general queries, help or sensible suggestions: [email protected]

For payment problems: [email protected]


Enjoy your home-recorded TV programmes
without commercial breaks

UK only.  Windows only.
A separate TV Recorder or tuner is required.